Pricing for our Online POA classes..

This platform seeks to share Mr Chong’s accounting insights to students from all background at a fraction of the normal tuition cost. The videos developed over time will cover the following syllabus:-

  1. GCE O Level Principles of Accounts (Subject Code : 7175)
  2. GCE A Level Principles of Accounting (Subject Code : 9755)
  3. University of London Principles of Accounting (UOL POA) (Subject Code : AC 1025)

Many may view that this as a price war. Not Mr Chong.

With due respect to POA teachers, he regards his online lessons as supplementary materials as videos cannot replace the human touch. It’s a mere advancement of technology where images and sound are accessible conveniently at your fingertips.

 POA AcademyHome TuitionGroup Tuition
Per Lesson (O Level)$4 per month$80$50
Lesson TimeAnytime, AnywhereOne-Time
Additional LessonUnlimited Access for 1 MonthAdditional Fees Payable
Additional Fees Payable